Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blogging Again

Yep! That's me. A big thanks to Paul Dennison of Dennison
Digital Design for this great of photograph of your's

It has been a very long time since I made any kind of blog entry. I ran a photography blog for so many years that it is difficult for me to focus on other topics. But this new blog is an effort to do that very thing.

Things in my life have changed dramatically since the last time I wrote anything for the web. Photography has taken a backseat to writing. I'm currently working on several projects that I hope will yield results in the world and craft of writing. I love the fact that I made a change in my focus however.

The land of opportunity has taken new shape for me as I have attempted to move forward with what I believe to be my true calling. I no longer find myself drawn to the image that makes up a story, rather I am drawn to the story itself, which is a new mindset for me. One would think that I would have discovered this long ago. What can I say? I guess I am a late bloomer.

No matter though, because I am living in the here and now. My hope here is to share with you the little journeys I experience; maybe some big ones too. This is a simple blog and have no desire to "go big". My desire is simple. I just want to share with those who are interested a little about me and the adventures I may take, both physically and mentally.

I look forward to obsessing over topic after topic. I also looking forward to sharing with you, whoever you might be. So, sit back and relax. It is an expectation by the way; to relax that is.

This is my opening entry, so expect, as well, to see new a entry about once a week. I am lazy anymore with keeping to strict schedules where artistry is concerned. Simply put, it does not work. At least it does not for me.

Until next time... Just a thought. There is no right of way in a round about, at least in my experience there is not. So, get in where you can, but try not to be rude in the process.