Friday, June 21, 2013

Late Night, Early Morning

I am not sure. Is it late night or early morning? One way or the other I am awake having had little sleep.

The brain is funny thing. Sometimes mine allows me to sleep the whole night through. Most times I wake, or I am awakened, I do have teenagers living in my house after all, and find that I cannot return to sleep. My imagination takes over and I need to get to my notebook right away to get those thoughts that have forced themselves into my post wake consciousnesses down in writing.

Some of my most creative moments have come from these times between sleep and wake. It seems as though I am dreaming my way through line after line and with each the story produced by my overactive imagination grows to something quite unbelievable. I overreach when tired and that thing that hooks a reader, believe-ability, is lost; in turn so is my direction.

The brain can be a tired thing. In the end I do not return to bed, because although my direction in the telling of the story is lost, I am wide awake and another notebook demands my attention. I have allowed my adrenaline to rise too high in getting those initial imaginings down on paper. 

The result is a form of emotional high that lasts for hours. That is when the real writing begins. My brain fully awake, begins to craft and direct the new lines found in a different notebook where the real stories are produced.

I am not sure, is a statement I make much too often in the middle of the night, or early morning depending. One day I may go back to the imaginings written in that first notebook in those moments of complete dreariness. For now I am content to just spill what I have imagined and later crafted to the page in hopes that tomorrow night I will sleep the whole night through.

I am reminded of a song from many years ago where
night time was a fun time, but only as long as sleep
was soon.
"I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can..."